The Rooms


Level of difficulty: Medium/Hard

Imagine yourself on a tour in a rain forest where your group gets more than they bargained for. Before you know it your group is lost in the thick fog of the forest and stumbled upon an old cabin. The tour guide opens the door and instructs the group to wait inside until the fog clears. Just as the last person enters the cabin the tour guide slams the door shut locking it from the outside with no way to escape. That’s when you realize that your tour has just turned into an abduction. The race is on and you have only 60 minutes to figure out the clues, build puzzles, solve riddles and crack codes to escape

before your abductor returns.

Can You Escape!


Level of difficulty: Medium/Hard

​​Richie Falcone has been the top detective in the Brooklyn area for years. He has put hundreds of criminals behind bars and  is respected and loved by his peers and community. Little do they know he has been secretly working with local mobster's for years. He has gotten himself in so deep with these dirty mobster's that he now has to find innocent citizens to pin their crimes on or else. He has searched for days for the perfect bystanders and has finally found somebody. YOU! You are being framed for these mobster's crimes and of course everybody believes this top detective. You now have 60 minutes to sneak into Detective Falcone's office and find evidence to put these mobster's and this crooked detective behind bars.