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We welcome all visitors to the Sarasota area. ESCAPE ROOM SARASOTA will challenge your logic and wit and at the same time provided you with fun and adventure. Share 60 minutes with us in one of our escape rooms and we'll be sure that the next time you come to SARASOTA, it won't be just for the beautiful beaches!

Who Can Play

Escape Room Sarasota
Companies & Events

Looking to spice up your company events or team building activities? Come to ESCAPE ROOM SARASOTA. A room where we provide a new, fun and exciting way to work together and create bonds among your colleagues. The rooms are designed for group cooperation and offer rewarding challenges and lasting memories. This is the perfect way to get out of the office for a high quality team building exercise.


We know you're an avid gamer, but can you handle the challenge of a live escape game room? Turn off your computer and try out our sophisticated, high level games that will challenge the most hardcore gamer. Don't just try to escape, set the bar with your time record!


Looking for something new to do that's family friendly in the Sarasota area? Our escape room is a new adventure for your family or friends that will challenge your group to work effectively together good clean fun time building skills you are certain to have a blast while making lots of memories.